Happy New Years everyone! We’ve been waiting for 2017 for quite sometime. Did you know that in numerology, 2017 is considered as year 1? If you have been feeling stuck and are ready for BIG changes, then this is your year! And it’s not too late to set your New Year’s intentions—we’re not using the word “resolutions” anymore, too constricting. Every day, come back to your intention and feel your way into the life you want to live. Little by little, things will start to shift.

We recently got back from Tulum, Mexico and are just GLOWING from the inside out. I can still hear the music in my ears and feel the white sand between my toes…This vacation was the perfect way to bring in the new year and find inspiration for a 2017 filled with adventure, love and work.

From day one we could tell that the energy in Tulum was special. In the words of the gorgeous Australian Vedic meditation instructor we met during this trip:

“You have to be conscious of what you think about here in Tulum, because it will manifest in your life very quickly.”

Boom. So true! Tulum is an extremely spiritual place, now best known as a yoga mecca that attracts cool conscious people. However, Tulum’s magic and mystique are firmly rooted in Mayan culture. The ancient name of Tulum is “Zama,” or city of the dawning sun. The primary god worshipped here is the “descending God,” depicted as an upside down figure carved on doorways inside the ruins. The cavernous cenotes—or swimming holes—were believed to be portals into the underworld and the Mayans would swim in these waters to communicate with their gods. Everywhere you look, there is evidence of this majestic and very-advanced civilization. We had the pleasure of visiting the Tulum Ruins but didn’t make is as far as Chichen Iza—one of the seven wonders of the world.

Ancient history aside, there is an overall feeling of ease and grace in Tulum. One local told us that Tulum is built over a bed of crystals, energizing the land and water. Even though I came with a group of friends and was relatively busy, I could still tap into the “Source” just by closing my eyes. While lying on the beach or floating in the ocean, I would focus on my intention and I just knew that it would manifest. Like Bali, Tulum is a powerful earth energy vortex—and whatever energy you bring here becomes amplified. I listened to the Aussie’s words of wisdom and kept my thoughts as pure as possible during this trip. But it wasn’t all that hard to do because Tulum is a little slice of heaven!

If you’re looking for a vacation with bohemian vibes, a truly international conscious crowd, a vibrant yoga scene, amazing healthy food, and picture-perfect beaches, then Tulum is your spot.

Get your OM on: 

  • Sanara boasts a modern beachfront yoga shala with great instructors. They also host sound healings every Friday night. We’re still swooning over pictures of this place!
  • Holistika is a massive wellness space right in the center of town that offers yoga, tai chi, meditation, healings, and other fun events.


  • The Real Coconut @ Sanara was by far our favorite restaurant in Tulum. This beachfront cafe offers a completely gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free menu with plenty of vegan options. I could just lounge and eat here all day, looking out at all the beautiful people soaking up the sun… Go for breakfast and lunch and be sure to try the Real Coconut tacos and the Buyah coffee, their version of Bulletproof.
  • El Tabano is a little upscale taqueria on the jungle side of the beach strip. We dropped in for a snack and ended up having our NYE dinner here because the food was so good! Try the stuffed jalapeño peppers, coconut shrimp and the margaritas!
  • Casa Jaguar, aye aye aye! This trendy open-air restaurant is built into the jungle to allow for a more intimate dining experience. We came with a huge group and got to try most things on the menu—you can’t go wrong.
  • Del Cielo is tiny hipster cafe in town that has all our California favorites—smoothies, coffee, breakfast tacos and vegan/gluten free yummies. Try the Gitano iced coffee and the Huevos Motuleños.
  • Posada Margherita is an authentic family-owned Italian restaurant right on the beach! This place has the best homemade pasta outside of Italy. Everyone wants to get a table here, so come early and order pasta.


  • The beach. Go to the beach, bring a good book, get a day bed and stay there all day. Numero uno recommendation. We tried to do so much during this trip and I seriously regret not spending more time at the beach. The waves are calm, the water is warm and the sand is so soft…I miss it already.
  • Cenote Dos Ojos is a beautiful swimming hole 30 minutes outside of town. Get there early, rent a snorkel and go for a nice dip.
  • Tulum Ruins features a cliffside temple overlooking the ocean. If you’ve googled Tulum, you’ve probably seen pictures of this place. It’s super close to town and a must see.


  • Be Tulum is a boutique beachfront hotel on the quiet south side of the beach, featuring unique boho-luxe rooms. This place really captures the vibe of Tulum and is “a happy marriage between nature and architecture.”
  • Sanara is an upscale beachfront wellness resort. From the yoga to the food to the design, this is the perfect place for a yogi getaway.
  • Casa Violeta is a quaint hotel right on the beach with 10 adorable bungalows. This was a great place to chill, with super-friendly staff and a platform yoga shala.


  • Gitano is our new favorite bar. This jungle wonder features lots of cool hangout areas, a dance floor and two bar lounges. We spent NYE here dancing under the disco ball and sipping mezcal.

There you have it! I’m sure I’m missing a lot of places and I look forward to exploring Tulum again and again. We will be coming BACK in November so pleased stay tuned for updates on our site. I can’t wait to share this place with you all.

Love and Prospero Año chicos!



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